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Ohashi, Japanese Inn Suites available with a private outdoor bath Misasa Onsen, Tottori Prefecture


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Prepared by our award-winning chef Dining as a culinary art

Banquet-style meals are prepared with seasonal ingredients by our award-winning head chef who is fully dedicated not only to good taste but also proper presentation and service.

Nationally Registered Tangible Cultural Property No two rooms alike

From its conception, the inn was intended to achieve the pinnacle in Japanese architecture. The builders (shrine carpenters) were given complete freedom and, as a result, meticulously designed the building so that no two guest rooms were alike.

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The inn was completed in 1932 with the prime objective of achieving the pinnacle in Japanese architecture. It was built of prized wood from our neighboring regions that, unobtainable today, stands the test of time and instills a traditional presence.

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  • Shichigosan gift shop

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How to Get Here

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If coming by train

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* It costs 470 JPY by bus and about 3,000 JPY by taxi from Kurayoshi Station to the inn.

If coming by plane

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Call for reservations +81-858-43-0211

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