Pure Japanese-style wooden architecture designated as a tangible cultural property

A pure Japanese-style wooden building that is designated as a tangible cultural property and stands 120 meters along the Mitoku River. Ryokan Ohashi was completed in 1930, with the aim of creating the best Japanese architecture. We collect precious woods from around the area that are difficult to obtain in modern times, and we have created a traditional style that will not fade over time.
The five locations designated as national tangible cultural properties in 1997 (main building, annex, west annex, large hall, and Taikobashi) are combined together. Almost the entire building is designated as a cultural property, making it a valuable building in Japan. The entrance has a raised frame made of a single large cherry tree board, which is rare these days, and traditional wave glass is used for the window glass. You can enjoy it not only in your room but also in various locations throughout the hotel.


A panoramic view spreads out in front of you from the lobby. You can watch the Mitoku River flowing in front of you and enjoy the scenery of each season. Please forget about time and relax while enjoying a drink in the lobby lounge.

Cafe space

You can enjoy coffee, soft drinks, etc. while looking out at the Mitokugawa River.
business hours 8:00~10:00 15:00~21:00

Souvenir shop “Shichigosan”

We have a souvenir shop, “Shichi-Go-San,” which sells our original bath salts, alcoholic beverages, Misasa Onsen’s “Misasa Misto (hot spring lotion)” and “face masks.”

business hours8:00~10:00

banquet hall

In 1933, when the second-generation Ichikawa Kainosuke and his group stayed there, we received a reassuring comment, “You can dance on this stage.”

Guest Rooms

We put special care into each and every room that welcomes our guests. All rooms have a view of the Mitoku River, and the materials used for the ceilings, floor pillars, and each room are named after precious woods, such as Nanten-no-ma and Sakura-no-ma.

Hot spring

The hotel’s famous bath, “Tensen Gankutsu no Yu,” is made up of three baths: upper bath, middle bath, and lower bath. Originally, the bathtub was a river (Mitoku River), and the rock from which hot water was gushing out was simply used as a bathtub and surrounded by a roof.

Facility information


■Capacity/85 people ■Guest rooms/20 rooms
Large hall/50 tatami mats ■Middle hall/30 tatami mats
■Natural Gankutsu Hot Spring ■Hot Spring “Seseragi no Yu” (open-air bath) ■Relaxation area [Yuan]
■Cafe ■Parking available ■Equipped with air conditioning and heating throughout the building ■Compliant with disaster prevention regulations as stipulated by the Fire Service Act
■Available credit cards
You can also use various smartphone payment services such as PayPay and Rakuten Pay.

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